Pegactive | An Encouragement to the World

Pegah is the type of person that makes every moment count and every instance impactful.


I’ve only gotten the chance to hang out with Pegah two times, but I already feel like we vibe on so many levels. The deeper you go into the fitness world here in the Bay Area, you start to see how small the community is. It is powerful, but still small. Faith and Fitness is an even smaller niche and I honestly can’t think of anyone who does it better than Pegah of @pegactive.

Vulnerability is strength. Pegah is incredibly open about her story of her fight with an eating disorder, but now that she has overcome that she aims to encourage, educate, and empathize with her clients and audience. If you are looking for encouragement, I would definitely recommend following her Instagram. Be careful though you might end up calling every one a “babe” and start trying to encourage every person that you talk to.

You are light. When you come across people like Pegah you start to see the beauty in the world. When you are around people like light they expose the brightest aspects of life. They make the world so much more sonny. Shout to her boyfriend, Sonny. You are a real one too Sonny. You both are so lucky to have each other.

Pay attention to your circle. Stay around people who exude gratitude, humility, kindness, and service. If you are lucky find a girl like Pegah to hang with.

Say something kind. Make something beautiful.





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