Leah Recania | Inner Strength

Will Power always dictates strength.

I find the psychological aspects of fitness so fascinating. A long time ago, I heard somewhere that your mind often gives up before your body does. Maybe it was just bro science, but I think there is a little bit of truth to that. Often the strongest people in our lives seem to have a relentless desire to achieve whatever they need to. Maybe it’s hitting that last rep, but maybe it’s finishing a project when you know that you don’t want to. In the face of adversity, these people will always come up on top because of their inner strength.

My good friend, Leah, is one of those people. You never know anyone’s full story, but I have been able to see her fight through her adversity. I saw her get into her dream studio, only to have to move a few months later, then having to move again another time. I was there to witness her pursue a different career only to find out that her true calling was always in fitness. But I always see her get right back in the game with even more tenacity.

Strong people always learn how to come back even harder. It has been amazing to see her personal training business thrive and it has expanded even outside of the one-on-one life changing sessions. I’ve seen her thrive and grow with her #strongbabes workout events that motivate 30+ babes (and bros) per session. Where she teaches all of us how to be strong babes (even me lol).

The good thing is that if any of these opportunities were to be taken away from her. She would just come back every time even stronger and dreaming bigger.

Cheers to this strong babe

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