Fitness has been my major focus for almost half of my life now and even more so in the past few years. My goals were driven by powerlifting and gaining size, but over time I became severely limited. I was almost deadlifting 3x my bodyweight and squatting 2x my bodyweight, however I had pain in my hips and lower back that was almost debilitating. Since I have been a personal trainer for years, I knew that I could no longer keep pushing through the pain without finding the answers because that would put my clients at risk of feeling tight hips and lower back pain as well.

With a client-focused mindset, I began looking up all different ways to begin treating my clients. I got a few more corrective exercise certifications and tried out other modalities of training like Foundation Training. Now I am more motivated than ever to help my clients live their lives pain-free.

My goal is to help you reach yours, which may include: reducing pain, gaining muscle, building strength, increasing stamina, losing body fat, and moving better.



B.S. in Kinesiology | San Francisco State University

Certified Personal Trainer | Amercian College of Sports Medicine

Corrective Exercise Specialist | National Academy of Sports Medicine

Corrective Exercise Specialist | Biomechanics Method

Suspension Instructor L1 | TRX

Rip Training Instructor L1 | TRX

Youth Fitness Exercise Specialist | NASM

Student Foundation Training Instructor | Foundation Training



I would rather teach you how to train than train you to need me. Our coaching relationship is a partnership. My goal is to be your trainer, friend, and coach.